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자료명 발행일 가격
차재테크놀로지 (2016.10~2017.08) 2016-10  
차재테크놀로지 (2017.10~2018.08) 2017-10  
차재테크놀로지 (2018.10~2019.09) 2018-10 ¥50,000  
Solid Electrolytes for Li-ion Solid-state Batteries Patent Landscape 2019-10 €5,990  
Organs-On-Chips Market and Technology Landscape 2019 2019-10 €5,990  
Artificial Intelligence in Cloud and Enterprise Data Center Hardware - Servers, Workstations, Cards, Storage, and Networking Infrastructure: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts 2019-10 $4,500  
Cellular V2X - 4G, 5G, C-V2X, and 802.11p Connected Vehicles: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts 2019-09 $4,500  
Drones for Commercial Applications - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Filming & Entertainment, Mapping, Aerial Assessments, Prospecting, Data Collection, Disaster Relief, and Delivery: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts 2019-09 $4,500  
Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Applications - Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Reasoning, and Strong AI: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts 2019-09 $4,500  
Tire Reinforcement Materials Market - Segmented by Material, Type, Technology, End-user Industry, and Geography - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019 - 2024) 2019-03 $4,250  
Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications Applications - Network Operations Monitoring & Management, Customer Service & Marketing VDAs, Intelligent CRM Systems, Customer Experience Management, Cybersecurity, Fraud Mitigation, and Other Use Cases: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts 2019-09 $4,500  
High-Speed Ethernet Optics: 10th edition 2019-09 £5,000  
Integrated Optical Devices : 5th edition 2019-06 $5,000  
The State of the Optical Communications Industry: Optics Remains the Weakest Link in the Industry Supply Chain 2019-05 $5,000